Taurus Sun-sign - Basic traits of Taurus character - April 21 and May 21

Taurus- is the fixed/earth sign. Taureans stubbornly cling to their own ideas and habits and may fail to take advantage of new ideas or situations, because they cannot see their practical use. They have to understand that while tenacity and a stable temperament yield reward in many endeavors, tolerance and flexibility are the best assets when it comes to personal relationships.

Taurus - The Sing of the Bull

Typical Taurus is a dependable, persistent, passionate, patient, generous and loyal person , though they never shows it . The bull is the symbol of the sign. People of this sign follow the leader to achieve their purpose . Taurus is stubborn which makes them independent. They know what they want in their life and persistently work, work and work to achieve their purpose. People born under the sign of the Taurus are usually friendly, though sometimes and is slightly boring because of the their laziness and restraint. In general the Taurus a positive sign. It is difficult for them to understand other people. Taurus is a strong Businessman. They can set their path for a successful life. Taurus is sensitive and possessive. They get hurt with a slightest comment and negative remark. Their stubborn makes them lazy. Taurus are secretive and cannot express their feelings.


Taurus always pampers their close group of friends and themselves. They will find their long lasting friendship with friends born between August 21 to 27, and September 20 to 27, December 21 and January 20 to 27.


In health, they generally have long life, they suffer with all things that affect the throat, upper part of the lungs and eyes.


The most lucky colors are all blue shades. Red is also lucky color for them, and they should use it very little.


The birth/lucky stones are Diamond and Zircon.