Sagittarius Sun-sign - Basic traits of Sagittarius character - November 22 and December 21

Sagittarius - is the mutable/fire sign. Restless energy and the need for personal independence keep a Sagittarian moving in many directions. They become experts at adapting to the culture or climate of their immediate environment. Always ready to travel for business or pleasure (and sometimes because of an overwhelming urge to escape) Sagittarians are all too willing to break free of the confinements of responsibility and work.

Sagittarius - The Sign of the Twins

In the Sagittarius' character there are combined such qualities as reliance, affability and courtesy. People who were born under this sign come along with the people easily, but it is much more difficult for them to become close friends.They do it very very cautiously. The Sagittarius usually loves sports, nature, traveling , to learn and to win . The Sagittarius likes all doing in the company surrounded by close people. His mind and body are both requiring constant intellectual, emotional and physical loading.


They are the nicest friends in the zodiac. These people are not a meet-for-coffee friend. They are doers and they make the best travel companions. Their most lasting unions and friendships would be made with people born from March 21 to April 19-26, and July 21 to August 20-27, or in their own period.


They will be more inclined to suffer from rheumatism than from any other disease, also from a delicacy of the throat and lungs, and skin troubles. Physical problems, however, are apt to be the result of unrestricted diet or an over-indulgent pursuit of other pleasures. Sagittarians are also subject to an overpowering urge to gamble, which can be ruinous for some. They also, especially in their latter years, suffer from the nervous system.


Their most suitable colors are all shades of violet and mauve and violet-purple.


Their most favorable stones are amethysts and sapphires.