Cancer Sun-sign - Basic traits of Cancer character - June 22 and July 22

Cancer- is the cardinal/water sign. Cancerians get things done through the power of their emotional commitment. Not only do they aggressively work to accomplish the goals inspired by their own feelings, they also know how to appeal to the emotions of others. By making other people feel like family members, Cancerians effectively motivate others to get things done. They have to learn how to reach an emotional balance since they tend to be overly sensitive and moody.

Cancer - The Sign of the Crab

The people born under the sign of cancer are very dependable, moody, caring, clingy, timid and are over-sensitive. However, they are ambitious . Their way to success is similar with their symbol Cancer. They are a package of contradictions. On one side, they are self-sufficient and do not need to depend for physical and material things in life. On the other hand, they depend on people for emotional encouragement and support. One of the greatest thing about them is their ability to make others feel good and loved. Then in return, they feel good in making someone feel loved and wanted. They rarely express their feelings and listen to everyone's problem and help them. They have strong intuition, intelligence, powers of observation and sensitivity an will have success. They are complex, fragile and unpredictable. They have delicate temperament and needs to be needed. When they get hurt, they wallow and sunk in self pity.


Cancer are loyal to those who appreciate and support them. They make long lasting friendships with people born in their own period, June 21 to July 20 to 27, or from October 21 to November 20 to 27, or from February 9 to March 20 to 27.


They can suffer from gastric problems. Physical fitness or sports activities can become important ways for you to work out emotional stress. Team sports are fun, for them can adopt team members as part of an extended family.


Their colors are cream, white, and all shades for greens.


The birth/lucky stones arepearls, diamonds, opals, crystals and moonstones.