The word 'Yantra' is derived from Sanskrit and it contains power to give protection from elements containing negative energy which is disturbing one's peaceful life, or causing illness and bad luck. There are various Yantras done for various purposes. Yantra basically is an energy center artificially made and designed to attract a particular frequency of positive energy required for a particular situation and to repel the negative energies working against someone. All the Vedic Yantras have a uniform pattern containing a central point like circle, triangle. It gives protection from unwanted and harmful forces spreading around you in your house. The Yantras is made powerful by applying and worshipping it with the prescribed mantras concerned, with Vedic process. There are more than 250 Yantras which are based on 250 Mantras which are used for human welfare.

These should be worn only at the recommendation of an expert astrologer. Unlike a Rurdraksha, Yantras do have side effects.


  • Dhanwanthri Yantra and Mrithunjaya Yantra : for health related solutions.
  • Dhanakarshana Yantra (Kubera) : for wealth and financial progress.
  • Mahasudarsana Yantra : for protection from evils and enemies, kala-sarpa nirvana, graha shanti.
  • Dhanakarshana and Mahasudarsana Yantra : for success in business or career.
  • Swayamvara Yantra : for marriage problems / Chowadosham.
  • Santhana Gopala Yantra : for Childbirth related problems.
  • Balaraksha Yantra : for health related problems in children.
  • Vidya Vijaya Prada Yantra : for Education.
  • Navagraha Yantra : for Navagraha Dosha, Rahu-ketu dosha.

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